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Ankle Sprains

Glen Forrest Phsio Pilates Beth Antonio

End of the winter sport season means summer sport is just around the corner. That means you eager athletes are getting back on track with your fitness (well most of you!). Whether you’re a social sports superstar an avid bushwalker or an elite athlete you’ve most likely experienced an ankle sprain at some time in your illustrious career. Now is the best time to start with some exercises to help your ankle hold up in every situation. 

Glen Forrest Physio Pilates Beth Antonio


Standing on one leg

  • Add head turns
  • Add eyes closed

Heel Raises

  • Start with two legs and progress to one


Star Excursion

  • Standing on one leg and point with the opposite foot at 5 different points around your standing foot


  • Progress to one leg


Double Leg Jump and controlled landing

  • Progress to one foot hops

Hopping cross

  • Forwards –backwards and side -side

Zig-Zag running

  • Set up

If you do end up spraining your ankle this season and you’re unsure how to manage it, come and see us at Glen Forrest Physiotherapy for some essential advice and taping. 


Beth Antonio - Physiotherapist/Pilates Instructor

Feisal Zaw


Feisal graduated from Curtin University with a Bachelor of Science in Physiotherapy before joining Midland Physiotherapy and now Glen Forrest Physiotherapy. 

Playing soccer for over 14 years, as well as being involved in coaching roles has shaped Feisal’s interest in physiotherapy, closely aligning with sports-related injuries and rehabilitation. When Feisal isn’t treating patients or kicking a ball, he likes to travel and hopes to do so while working as a physiotherapist one day.