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Brand New Functional Gym!!

Glen Forrest Physio - Adam using functional gym

We’re so excited to announce the arrival of a brand new fun shiny toy!

Those client’s that have already had the opportunity to use it probably wouldn’t describe it as fun but we’re very excited to start using the functional trainer. We have a smith machine, adjustable bench, two cable systems (weighted up to 68kg), pull up bar and an Olympic bar (20kg).

It’s a great tool to improve our ability to replicate gym-based exercises that our clients may be having trouble with. It has allowed us to be very specific with our exercise prescription to achieve great results as quickly as possible.

We have started using the functional trainer during some of our Clinical Pilates classes. There are some plans in the works to open up between the Pilates studio and the gym area so it can become a staple piece of equipment in our Clinical Pilates classes.

Adam using new functional gym - Glen Forrest Physio

All our clients are welcome to try out the new gym (if your physiotherapist approves based on your rehabilitation). Please call our friendly staff to get more information 9298 9648.

Adam Fowler - Physiotherapist/Pilates Instructor

Adam Fowler

Pilates Physiotherapist
Curtin University

Adam graduated with distinction from Curtin University in 2009 and has been working at Glen Forrest Physiotherapy since graduating. He has a special interest in spinal pain and sporting rehabilitation and is continuously involved in ongoing professional development. He also enjoys prescribing tailored exercise regimes to assist the elderly maintain or improve their balance, mobility and function. He has recently completed a one year course in clinical pilates and now instructs clinical and mat pilates at Glen Forrest Physiotherapy.

Adam has grown up in the hills area. He enjoys playing any kind of sport and has a special interest in health and fitness. Adam enjoys spending his spare time with his friends and family.